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To A Practical Guide to Real Estate Training in 5 Weeks

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1: Are you living the life that you want OR  deserve ? Or are you're just getting by ?


I am convinced that you have the potential to do great things but just dont know where to begin.

2: Have you identified the issues/obstacles in your life which have kept you back ? Identify Problems or Obstacles ?

Your dreams can be fullfilled if you can CLEARLY  Define and Specifically State what they are.


November 11th 2023 

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Is the lack of 5 O'level Passes inhibiting your progress? Does the education system feel like a mental constraint, irrespective of your age? In a world where institutions seem to have missed the memo of the 21st century, are you trapped by a failed system that disproportionately affects the less privileged? Are you being held back by preconceived notions of age, education, or ethnicity? Do you believe that you deserve a chance beyond the confines of a mere exam certificate? Are you struggling to define your goals and aspirations? Have you allowed limiting beliefs to dictate your life? Is it time to break free from the past and embrace the potential for true success? Are you seeking a fresh start and new opportunities for happiness and achievement? Is the 5 Week In House Real Estate Mentorship Training Program the solution you need to become a professional real estate executive, regardless of your background or experience? If the answer is yes continue reading, if not you can stop now.

Design a New Strategy

Cultivate empowering beliefs and positive habits to propel your journey forward. In the pursuit of success, every accomplished professional benefits from a skilled and seasoned mentor. Surround yourself with a supportive team and connect with a network of experts, all while embracing discipline. Irrespective of your educational attainment, ethnic origins, age, or social standing, this fresh Mentorship initiative has the potential to revolutionize your life. I firmly hold the belief that everyone is entitled to an equal opportunity for happiness. It's often said that the divergence between affluence and poverty lies in the language they adopt and the influences they heed.

Implement Your New Strategy

The vocabulary of mere survival embedded itself within your everyday lexicon. The distress and discontent that marred your existence stemmed from misguided role models, an unfortunate association with the wrong crowd, and advice that advocated pursuing a "JOB," which cynically stood for the "Journey of The Broke." This confining belief acted as a barrier, stunting your growth and potential. The hesitation and self-imposed limitations you've faced aren't your own doing. It's time to release the burden of resentment and embark on a life of true fulfillment. Even as you continue reading this message, it's important to recognize your untapped capability. You, too, can reap the rewards of the most substantial wealth transfer in history, provided you acquire the necessary knowledge.

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Linwald Beharry (MBA) - Real Estate Visionary with Over 34 Years of Distinctive Expertise

Distinguished by a remarkable career spanning more than three decades, I have been a driving force within the Real Estate Industry. My comprehensive background encompasses roles as a Property Developer, Real Estate Investor, and Real Estate Sales Trainer/Broker across various states in the United States. Notably, I achieved significant recognition as the television producer and host of Trinidad and Tobago's inaugural real estate show, "The Real Estate Weekly Showcase," which graced prime time television from 2002 to 2004.

Key Highlights:

Pioneered "The Real Estate Weekly Showcase," the first real estate show on National television in Trinidad and Tobago, capturing audiences during its prime time slot on Saturdays from 6:30 to 7 PM.

  • Distinguished U.S. NAVY "Persian Gulf" War Veteran, equipped with extensive training in Aviation from the United States NAVY.
  • Collaborated with esteemed organizations, including VA, HUD, FREDDIE MAC, FAANNIE MAE, Century 21 Newport Beach, California, Coldwell Banker, REMAX, Harper Realty  and numerous financial entities, offering multifaceted real estate programs.
  • Instrumental in the success of the first Online Mortgage company to initiate and complete an online mortgage transaction at Mortgage.Com.
  • Facilitated impactful real estate transactions across prominent regions, including New York, Florida, California, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arizona, and Canada, guiding clients towards their financial objectives through astute real estate investments.
  • Since 2012, empowered countless individuals, including housewives, students, and ordinary individuals, to transform their dreams of becoming real estate professionals into reality. Through my guidance, they have harnessed the secrets of the industry, established their own real estate ventures, and secured substantial earnings, collectively amassing hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.
  • Pioneered visionary organizations that continue to leave an indelible mark on the industry landscape. These include "The First Time Home Buyers Association of Trinidad and Tobago," "The Real Estate Xecutive Association Of Trinidad and Tobago," "The Caribbean Housing Initiative Foundation," and the groundbreaking "Golden Years Resorts Franchise."
  • Leading a select group of professionals who have undergone my specialized training, they are esteemed members of an elite team, primed to excel in the dynamic world of real estate.

My journey has been defined by innovation, leadership, and a relentless commitment to empowering others. I stand ready to leverage my unparalleled experience and expertise to drive transformative outcomes for organizations and those seeking meaningful change.

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